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Mattress Recycle Australia is an environmentally conscious organisation geared at diverting waste mattresses from landfill.  The service offering is efficient, reliable and innovative. 

Mattress Recycle Australia is proud to partner with logistics and technology provider JLW Services.  Mattress Recycle Australia have extensive industry experience and strive to

advance the reuse options for the residual materials involved in the recycling process. 

MRA are EPA licenced to recycle mattresses, licence #21294, having Development Consent to undertake mattress recycling at our facility.

Advantages of the system over traditional methods include:

  • Safe segregation of stockpiles

  • Able to be top loaded by material handler / loader

  • Suitable for compacted and crushed mattress and bases

  • Single operator collection with no manual handling risks

  • Loading time takes 5 minutes

  • Multiple empty cages can be onsite for peak periods

  • Able to be moved and contained in case of fire

  • Cages can hold 50 M3 of material

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